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It Has Arrived: The Kobo Aura HD

kobo Aura is here

kobo Aura is here

Voracious readers will have a lot to smile about now that the Kobo Aura HD has arrived. Kobo as a brand is not really known in the United States; and what happened to Borders, its retail partner, didn’t help establish its market presence. But now, Kobo has gained traction and is slowly invading the eReader market with the launch of Aura HD. So what kind of Aura will readers see in this product? Let’s find out.

Superior Reading

Kindle is king, but Aura HD proves to be a tough competition. Starting off with its E-link Display, the Kobo boasts a resolution of 1440 X 1080 and a dpi of 265. That means unrivaled clarity that helps enhance the reading experience. Thanks to ClarityScreen + once more; the Aura HD is highly durable and can withstand scratches and drops. In fact, Kobo proved its point when it beats its competitors on a test where the Aura withstood up to 3 feet of drop. That’s 2.4 times better than its competitors.

Immersive Lights

Etymology tells us that aura is some kind of light that only a few people see. Not this time. The Kobo Aura HD retained its adjustable lighting feature. And unlike its predecessors, the Aura HD’s illumination no longer directs light towards your eyes; it has now dispersed it evenly on the entire screen for a more engaging reading experience. So readers can read anywhere they want – even with the lights off. Will the battery run out? Not really. Kobo says that users can read up to two months in an uninterrupted manner and in a single charge. That’s based on a 30-minute reading allotment each day.

Reader-friendly Design

You can take your Kobo Aura anywhere you want

You can take your Kobo Aura anywhere you want

The design is elegant and at 16 inches, the Aura HD mirrors the size of a hardbound book. But that doesn’t mean readers actually get to smell paper pages; it only means that they can enjoy the experience of reading an actual book with this eReader as a proxy. Readers will never have to make a trip to the library to read about 3,000 books. Aura HD has it all. With an internal memory of 4GB, readers can still expand it to 32GB to satisfy their reading pleasure.

The Flip and Font Experience

This is as close as it gets to reading scrolls in ancient font. Thanks to TypeGenius; Aura HD has 10 font styles and 24 font sizes that readers can mix and match to customize their reading experience. And when it comes flipping the pages, Kobo credits its 1 GHz processor that makes each turn-of-the-page seamless.

Your Reading Style – Discovered

Kobo Aura is a premium eReader

Kobo Aura is a premium eReader

It’s much like the awards you get in an MMORPG, the quotes you get from GoodReads, and the updates you share on social media. Kobo has incidentally created a feature of their own that allows you to discover your reading speed, to share your favorite passages and eBook titles, and to share it all on Facebook. Finally, you won’t look geeky while carrying the Aura HD along with you. Its sleek SleepCover allows you to become the new Nerd In Style.

So what about the price? We can’t quote due to variability among retailers, but Aura HD is considered a premium eReader. While it’s certainly not made by hand, its improved features are enough to justify its prices. Nonetheless, getting it or not is up to you.

5 Innovative Online Dating Sites You Should Check Out

Looking for a date can be done onliine

Looking for a date can be done online

What can you not do online? You can shop, look for an apartment, and even date online. The online dating sites available are endless. If you have so much time to spare, check out as many online dating sites as you can. But if time is limited, go for the 5 most innovative online dating sites around. Here are 5 sites you should check out:

1. Find your soulmate in Soul2Match

The dating site is impressive with its software that recognizes a person’s face in order to determine compatibility. This feature makes the dating site very fun. It’s not just a fun site to visit, but it actually gives you someone who may just be the person you’ve been looking for all your life.

2. Enjoy the concept behind HowAboutWe

Dating sites are so numerous and many of them are very similar to each other. But HowAboutWe is different. What makes it innovative is that you can propose a date to another member starting with these 3 words: How about we . . .

These 3 words allows you to connect to another single in a natural way. It’s your one chance to build a connection with another person. Thus, you got to make it interesting. Find a topic that will catch the other person’s attention. It’s truly a great way to connect offline.

3. Meet your next date in OKCupid

You could find your soulmate online

You could find your soulmate online

Yes, the site’s been around for several years. But it’s not until lately that it became very popular in the industry. The site is innovative not only because of the millions of users it has, but also because of its ability to match users through their answers to questions as well as their activities in the site. It has also incorporated social networking and even gaming schematics.

4. Experience the service and quality of Sparkology

Sparkology isn’t like other online dating sites that are filled with scam profiles and fake people. Sparkology has made a move to get rid of all the spam. It focuses on outstanding service and quality. The people have quality as well. So if you’re looking for someone who has class and someone worth your time, head to Sparkology right away.

5. Meet someone special at Meexo

It’s a mobile-centric app that keeps dating safe and private. What’s nice about the app is that you can connect with people from different locations. It tries to bridge the gap and keeps people closer. The app has also done extensive research on what women really want, making it a great app for men looking for single ladies.

If you find the right person go on and meet in person

If you find the right person go on and meet in real life

Finding a date doesn’t have to take too much time, effort, or money. You don’t have to stay in the bar or in the coffee shop and wait for someone to come along. Take advantage of the internet and these wonderful online dating sites. These innovative sites will help you find a good match. So what are you waiting for? Give these sites a try and enjoy dating online and offline.

5 Foods That Help You Have More Stamina In Bed

Everyone wants the sexual stamina to last longer in bed

Everyone wants the sexual stamina to last longer in bed

Sexual stamina is very important for any relationship to blossom. The ability to be romantic to your partner and sustain the intimacy for a long duration of time is imperative and contributes significantly to a healthy relationship. Many people think that sexual stamina is about men, but to be honest it also involves women. Below find 5 foods that help you have more stamina in bed.

1. Bananas

Bananas are known to contain high energy levels and are therefore a good source of energy during the love making sessions. They contain an enzyme known as bromelain, which is well known worldwide to improve potency. For this reason, bananas are considers to significantly increase your to sexual stamina especially when taken a few hours before the action. In addition once you eat bananas, they are known to trigger the production if a hormone called dopamine, which assists you to build concentration and focus on the task on hand.

2. Peanuts

The consumption of peanut or any other product that contains peanut butter such as peanut butter is an excellent way to improve your stamina. Peanuts contain a very high calorie value and digests in a slow manner releasing energy slowly but steady.

3. Raw Oysters

Everything you've heard about raw oysters and sexual life is true!

Everything you’ve heard about raw oysters and sexual life is true!

There is a myth that has been going around about the connection of oyster and performance in bed. It turns out that they myth is actually true. Oyster is rich in zinc, which stimulates in the production of a hormone known as testosterone. This hormone is very useful in building and maintaining sexual desire and libido in both women and men. Raw oysters also contain high levels of amino acid which are known to boost the sexual desires and keep you in the mood for a long period of time. In addition they also contain a substantial amount of omega-3 which plays a very important role in building and maintaining stamina for a long period of time. However be careful where you buy the raw oyster, there have been cases of food poisoning after consumption.

4. Grapes

Grapes are rich in boron, a chemical which helps in the production of testosterone and estrogen. The two hormones are known to contribute the performance of women and men in bed. In addition the shape of the grape fruits looks sexy and is indeed a great way to use them as a suggestive snack especially intimate sessions.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal may not look sexy but it will help your sex performance

Oatmeal may not look sexy but it will help your sex performance

Oatmeal is digested very slowly and makes you feel full for a long period of time. This lets your body release energy slowly and thus enhances your performance during the intimate moments. Due to the high levels of carb found in oatmeal, it breaks down in a slow manner and thus releases sugar slowly to your body.

There are many types of food you can eat, the aforementioned list contains some of the best foods that are known to enhance your performance during intimate sessions and improve your relationship with your partner. Apart from food, constant communication and exercising on a regular basis is also very important and contributes significantly to a happy life.

3 Savings Strategies That Will Make You Retire Comfortably At 40

You can retire while you are young

You can retire while you are young

For some people, the thought of retirement causes hot flushes in the body. However, if you plan yourself well, retirement will not be such a bad thing. In fact, your years of retirement might turn out to be the best years of your life. What about retiring at 40? Is it possible?

Well,it is very possible to retire at 40 and live a comfortably for the rest of your life. Many people gave done it. You can also do it. All you need to do is plan well when you are still young and energetic. Start planning and working for your retirement at 40 as soon as possible. The longer you work, the more you will be able to save. The more you save, the closer you get to your retirement at 40 goals. You do not need to be a financial expert to pull this off. Here are 3 Savings strategies that can make that happen;

1. Identify your goals; prioritize and plan

Start your retirement plan

Start your retirement plan

Success highly depends on the initial saving plan you formulate. It will not be possible for you to succeed without having a good plan. The first step towards making a good plan is identifying your goals. The goals form a basis to make a plan. Look at your needs after 40 in terms of priority. Determine how much you will need when you retire at 40. This will help you know how much you will need to save every year to reach your target. With a good saving plan, you chance of success is very high.

2. Reduce, conserve and save

If you want to retire at 40, you have to make many sacrifices. You will have to go further than just eliminating the unnecessary expenses. Reducing you trips to the coffer shop, not going for restaurant meals and cutting down your expenditure on luxury items is not enough. You have to do more.

Your lifestyle is going to change completely when you implement your retirement at 40 plan. You will have to give up most of the things you enjoy on a daily basis. Be prepared to give up your phone’s unlimited data plan, you flat screen TV, your cable plan etc. This is the only way to get as much funds available for savings as possible. Learn how to survive with the necessities only. Take advantage of free services such as free WiFi. Once you cut your costs, you will find yourself with more money to throw into your savings account.

3. Invest in real estate

Instead of leaving your cash idle in your bank account, you can invest it in real estate. A real estate investment will always appreciate in value as it earns you income monthly. You can save the money you earn in real estate or invest it to earn more. Real estate is a great way of keeping money that you are going to use when you retire safe.

Retire young and enjoy some quality time with your family

Retire young and enjoy some quality time with your family

Using these strategies, you will retire comfortably at 40 to enjoy the fruits of your labor. To succeed, you have to remain focused all through your youthful years. Fix your eyes on the prize.

Entrepreneurship, Is That For You?

The mind of the entrepreneur works different

The mind of the entrepreneur works different

It might sound a cliché, but it is true and applicable to all that, you must love whatever you do. You considered what you love when you decided to go on marketing in College. You thought of what you want, when you bought that house near the lagoon. It is the same idea when you wanted to be an entrepreneur. Consider the things that you want, love, and need before you start up your small business. Being successful in whatever you do will require you to love it as well.

3 ways to tell if you have what it takes

    1. You enjoy and do it seriously. Again, you might want to examine yourself if you really can be an entrepreneur. Risking money is not easy, it is critical rather. One characteristic of being a possible entrepreneur is if you know that you enjoy while you’re working on your business, and you put tons of sincerity’ into whatever you do. It is true that a business is not a play. It is a life changing decision that you have to be serious about.

Make a business plan

Make a business plan

    2. You plan and have a management strategy. You are ready for entrepreneurship when you are a good planner and manager. You put up a business because you don’t want a boss and you want to make your ideas be heard and be applied. You can be an entrepreneur when your ideas are relevant to the business that you had put up.
    3. You are ready to sell yourself and be criticized. Selling your product is like selling your own integrity. You are into an entrepreneurship when you are willing to do whatever it takes. When you have a strong conviction that you can sell 1000 cupcakes a day, you are a certified entrepreneur. Aside all of this, at the end of the day, no matter what good you did, there are really people who will not like what you did. Competitors will always have the tail to hit your ass. What is important is you learn from them and you do better than them.

How to become successful?

When you already jump started your business, you wait not to perfect the flaws of it. To become a successful entrepreneur according to Forbes, you need not wait for your business to be perfect before you launch it, but you move closer to perfection. When you are already at it, you polish the rough sides, and does it better. You act. You learn. You do better.

Success is possible if you work hard to get there

Success is possible if you work hard to get there

In conclusion, there is really no exact formula to know how to be an entrepreneur, and become a successful one. The above stated points are actually the closest guide to know that you’re at it. Money can’t be everything—that’s true. The real thing that you will need to become an entrepreneur is yourself. Your passion in what you do and your attitude towards your critics will get you farther than what you think. Only you can make your business successful.