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Das Haus: On Tour. Online and onsite.

The Das Haus goal is to share inspiration and engage sustainable building experts, associations, and key public officials across North America. From October 2011 to November 2012, the Das Haus pavilion tour, exhibition and accompanying events will travel throughout the US and Canada, making stops in 12 major cities. Be there.

Tour Dates

Can’t visit us in person? Join us online and track the events, download white papers, contribute comments, watch videos of the presentations and learn from the industry at large.


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The Das Haus pavilion is constructed of fully functioning sustainability technologies. Visitors learn about them in an experiential, hands–on format which includes:

An enclosed room built to Passive House standards featuring a relatively thin yet superinsulated envelope, heat recovery ventilation and cooling, and triple–pane windows that optimize solar heat gain while minimizing heat loss. Stepping into the room instantly communicates the superior indoor comfort the Passive House Standard is known for.

Solar energy collection systems which help to power the pavilion, including roof modules featuring state–of–the–art thin film CIS photovoltaics, and solar capturing façade elements which generate power while providing additional insulation benefits.

Exhibitive wall construction systems representing a wide range of insulation techniques and materials designed to resist thermal conductivity, avoid thermal bridging, and maximize year–round indoor comfort.

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Das Haus Pavilion

The centerpiece of the tour is the Das Haus pavilion, a traveling demonstration of advanced technologies from Germany, as applied to building construction and solar energy use. The Das Haus Pavilion features concepts from the Technical University of Darmstadt’s 2007 and 2009 first–place entries in the Solar Decathlon, an international solar house competition presented by the US Department of Energy, in which 20 collegiate teams design, build, and operate solar–powered houses that are cost–effective, energy–efficient, and attractive.

Das Haus is an integrated and fully–functional system. The pavilion presents solutions aimed at reducing a building’s energy demand and maximizing the efficiency of energy generated on–site. The techniques and technologies presented are applicable to a wide range of real–world applications and budget demands. Das Haus presents viable strategies with demonstrated and proven results ready for the challenges of today’s market.

Das Haus goes a step further, positioning the technology discussion as a platform to bring together industry experts and key decision makers essential to implementing these solutions. All this is backed by the continuing support of the German Chamber Network to facilitate ongoing discussion and industry partnerships for years to come.

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