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In this time of scarce fossil fuel resources, continually rising energy prices, and global warming primarily caused by excessive fossil fuel burning. Economic prosperity and competitiveness of many businesses and nations depend more than ever before on the ability to source for clean energy, and use energy more efficiently – not just in a particular country, but all continent around the world. The use of our innovative technology holds enormous potential for energy use.


At Das Haus, this is our primary objective. Das Haus Tour (The House Tour), as an energy company was borne out of the need to tackle the problem and provide a lasting solution. We are well known for innovation in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency and has demonstrated know-how and technical expertise in these sectors


We had always been at the leading forefront of research and innovation in clean and renewable energy since our formation 47 years ago. Over the course of these past decades, our company has attained national and international recognition and has earned us multiple awards.

Companies, private households, and Government the world over overall economic policies are grounded in the principles of the social market, and the public sector can tap unimagined resources through the efficient use of clean, renewable energy that we provide. Our approach has proven to be effective, particularly during difficult phases of economic cycles. This forward-looking energy application to economic policies plays an essential role in Germany which allows it to enjoy an outstanding reputation throughout the European Union, and around the world for its high-quality encouraging greater employment opportunities, courtesy of our award winning innovative energy company.

We now have the partnership of the leading developed economies in the European Union, North America, and Asia. The breakthrough has not come on a platter of gold; rather, it is a result of consistent research, hard work, and determined effort to achieve a set goal. It has been an incredible journey considering how it all started as small energy workshop.

We believe that there are still a lot to discover in the energy field, and we are more than ever before resolute in our effort to find more breakthrough in the provision of clean, renewable, sufficient and efficient energy for the world need.

We will continue to be a leader in the world of energy research, and innovation, a will never waver in our determination to solve the world energy problem. Our belief is that the use of innovative technology holds enormous potential for energy conservation in every field of application