The German Chamber Network (AHK) provides experience, connections and services worldwide through 120 locations in 80 countries. The service portfolio of the AHKs is unified worldwide under the brand name DEinternational. »

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AHK USA is one of the largest bilateral trade organizations worldwide. With 2,500 member companies and office locations in Atlanta, Chicago and New York as well as branch offices in Houston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, the members and clients of AHK USA benefit from a nation-wide service network. Feel free to browse our sites and learn more about our services or contact us directly.

Additionally, our liaison office in Washington, DC, the Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT), represents the interests of the German business community vis-à-vis both the U.S. administration and the international organizations based in Washington, DC.


AHK Canada

The Canadian German Chamber with its head office in Toronto and branch offices in Montreal and Vancouver enhances bilateral economic relations between Canada and Germany. With more than 600 members on both sides of the Atlantic, the Canadian German Chamber offers high-quality consulting services to Canadian and German clients. Its “Business Development Centre” provides a comprehensive range of services including business administration, sales and marketing, long-term business support and acting as a subsidiary of client firms in Canada.

The Chamber is a non-profit organization, established under federal law, and its board of directors comprises representatives of Canadian and German companies. The Chamber is mainly funded by revenues from services, the organization of events and membership fees.

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Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Germany’s overall economic policy is grounded in the principles of the social market economy, and this approach has proven to be effective, particularly during difficult phases of economic cycles. This forward-looking economic policy plays an essential role in encouraging greater employment opportunities in Germany.

The central priority of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is to lay the foundations for economic prosperity in Germany and to ensure that this prosperity is spread broadly throughout the population. Its essential task is to shape the conditions that foster successful economic activity on the basis of personal and entrepreneurial freedom, competition and stability. The Ministry’s legislative, administrative and coordination functions in areas such as competition policy, regional policy, SME policy, energy policy, and external economic policy are geared to this task.

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs

How will we get from A to B in the future? How can our infrastructure be upgraded in a sustainable manner? How can we exert a positive influence on the development of our towns and cities in rural areas? And how can we improve the quality of building and housing and the energy efficiency of our buildings?

Within Germany, all these questions, and many others, are addressed by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, which has the largest investment budget of all the German Federal Government departments. This involves a high level of responsibility, because the appropriate and targeted use of this money is crucial to economic development, the safeguarding and creation of jobs and, last but not least, environmental protection and climate change mitigation in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development supports high-quality economic growth by ensuring that the country’s road, rail and waterway infrastructure is well developed. It promotes new technologies and innovations that enable Germany to push ahead with its efforts to tackle climate change and protect the environment.

The Energy Efficiency Export Initiative

The Energy Efficiency Export Initiative

In times of scarce fossil fuel resources and continually rising energy prices, economic prosperity and competitiveness depend more than ever on the ability to use energy more efficiently – not just in Germany, but all around the world. The use of innovative technology holds enormous potential for energy conservation in every field of application. Companies, private households and the public sector can tap unimagined resources through the efficient use of energy.
Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the world for its high-quality technical products and its practical expertise, particularly in the field of energy efficiency. This is why the German Ministry of Economics and Technology decided to launch the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative.

This initiative helps spread German energy efficiency know-how and experience to other countries. By providing opportunities to establish contacts with German companies and experts, the initiative makes it easy to tap the potential for local energy savings and energy efficiency. This has multiple benefits including saving on energy costs, enhancing economic competitiveness, and making a positive contribution to international climate protection.


Renewable Energies Export Initiative

The Renewable Energies Export Initiative was launched by the German Bundestag in 2002 and is operated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The main objective is to contribute to climate protection by stimulating the acceptance and use of renewable energy in other countries. By showcasing German’s technical expertise in the field of renewable energy and by organizing business trips to and from Germany, the Export Initiative facilitates business contacts between companies from Germany and abroad.

Get to know first-class German technologies
German companies in the renewable energy sector are producers and providers of world-class technology. To find out more about “Renewables – Made in Germany”, simply click on the following link for descriptions of German firms and products in the field of renewable energy as well as information on the Export Initiative’s activities abroad. This information is provided by the German Energy Agency dena.

B2B Renewable Energies

The virtual marketplace Renewables B2B gives you the direct opportunity to make new business contacts and conduct business transactions. It also provides comprehensive information on the latest news from around the world in the renewable energy sector as well as details on international events such as trade fairs, conferences, training seminars, and the special Business Marketplace activities organized by Germany’s bilateral chambers of industry and commerce.