Solar Power, the Future of Cheap, Clean, and Renewable Power Source.

/Solar Power, the Future of Cheap, Clean, and Renewable Power Source.

From ancient times, the sun has always been a fascinating phenomenon, and has always held humanity in awe. Many cultures across generation and centuries worshipped it while those who did not worship it live in awe of it. All cultures and languages today have great proverbs praising the sun.

The fascination surrounding the sun has not abated even today. In fact, as science and knowledge has expanded, we now understand that the sun is the center of our universe.

Luckily for humanity, the sun is not just a shinning object in the sky; the sun contains a fiery core that its heat can only be imagined. The heat from the solar energy that we feel is only an insignificant amount of its content.

As the worlds energy problems rages on, and the use of fossil fuels threatens to cause a catastrophic damage, the quest for a cleaner, cheap, and renewable energy source has not been more fervent than before. The quest has turned us to the mother of all energy in the universe, our good old dear Sun.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy is taking advantage of the sun’s energy to produce power. Solar power is the fastest growing energy sources today and ranked as the future of clean, cheap and renewable energy source. New innovative technologies are developing at a rapid pace. Solar cells are becoming cheaper, efficient, transportable and even flexible, allowing easy installation.

Of course, it is difficult to explain all the advantages and possibilities the solar energy holds but we will try to state the most important ones.

The most common known benefit about solar energy is that it is a clean and green source of energy that does noon pollutant, unlike almost any other source of energy. Solar energy does not produce greenhouse gasses and does not pollute/contaminate water or any other part of nature. Apart from that, solar energy is almost self-sufficient and only requires a little water to work.

The price of energy usually differs throughout the day, being more expensive in the midday or the afternoon. Because power plants produces relatively unstable electricity, production and prices rise and fall throughout the day based on the changes mentioned above. With solar power however, you can avoid this increase in price, and get cheap energy throughout the day.

Most countries have a significant amount of land, especially away from urban areas and large cities and capitals, which are used for nothing. With solar energy, they can make use of this underutilized land, while generating a great value. In this way, they do not have to use spaces, which are more appropriate for other things. Morocco is an example here. They are currently using a vast desert area as a solar farm.

It also saves money, and lessens imports. When you use coal, oil or natural gas to generate electricity, you most likely use energy imported from another part of the world. If you want to benefit from your national economy, it is a good idea to use solar energy, because the electricity of your solar panels is domestic.

Use of solar power also lessens the pressure on the national power grid. When we have many people generating energy with solar power, they are less likely to experience blackouts. Each house with solar cells in it works as a small power plant, which provides us with an excellent network security, in the cause of man-made or natural disasters